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Orlando company offers new sunglasses every month

<p>Ask T.J Eaton and Rich Admundson who came up with the Shades Club concept, and the high-energy<br /> marketing grads aren't really sure.</p><p><strong>[WEB EXTRA: <a href="">Learn how to subscribe to Shades Club</a>]</strong></p><p>"I think we both came up with it at the same time," Admundson says.</p><p>The 30-something business duo have been on the sunglasses circuit for five years, running Orlando-based<br /> Dicks Cottons, an online clothing and sunglasses retail company.</p><p>% INLINE %</p><p>But this company is different; think Wine Club meets Shave Club.</p><p>Every month, you get a new pair of sunglasses. The first three are what Eaton calls "a surprise."</p><p>"A lot of them are made at the very same factory as the world's largest brands" Eaton says.</p><p>The idea has captured the imagination of the Kickstarter universe, pulling in more than 3,000 members in a few months and pledges of nearly $350,000.</p><p>Admundson is amazed at how quickly the "club" has taken off. It may be because of the price.</p><p>For roughly $200, you receive a pair of sunglasses every month delivered right to your door in a bright yellow box. There are also a few extras tucked in to add to what they call the "ultimate sunglasses experience."</p><p>If you 're wondering if you have a choice of styles, the answer is you have a part in your sunglasses experience.</p><p>Admundson says it's all about your personality. </p><p>"When you sign up you'll fill out a style guide so we can know a little bit more about you. And we're going to use that to grow you," he says.</p><p>The styles are endless, with frames that include wayfarer, aviator and foldable designs.</p><p>% INLINE %</p><p>They start with unisex sunglasses and evolve into frames and lenses of different tones and colors to create a custom portfolio of sunglasses for the customer.</p><p>With spring break fast approaching, the company is expecting a spike in orders.</p><p>You can join for one month, three months or a full year, and pause or end the membership at any time.</p><p>"It's going to be fun, and you're going to love the shades you get," Eaton predicts.</p><p> </p>

Published: Sat, 06 Feb 2016 05:25:28 GMT

Leesburg High School grad playing in Super Bowl

<p>For anyone planning to watch the Super Bowl Sunday on News 6, keep an eye out for local talent. A player who grew up and went to high school in Central Florida is expected to take the field for the big game in California.</p><p>Before linebacker Danny Trevathan sported the Denver Broncos jersey, he proudly wore orange and black and played for the Leesburg High School Yellow Jackets.<br /> ​<br /> "He was a great athlete, great guy. He could hit, fly around the football field. He was just fun to be around, and he was a great player," former teammate Luke Freeze said.</p><p>"This is a small town here. For someone to make it, it's a big accomplishment," Trevathan's former coach, Fred Allen, said.</p><p>Trevathan's Pop Warner Football League coaches describe him as humble, intelligent, quick, and the ideal player.</p><p>"He was one of those kids that simply paid attention, did what you asked him to do no questions. Everything ended as, 'Yes, coach,'" Trevathan's former coach, Jim Mathews, said.</p><p>His is also considered a great role model for current students and the future of the sport.</p><p>"It gives me a good communication to my students about what we can do if we put our minds to it, if we work hard and set goals high, and Danny represents all of those," Leesburg High School principal Dennis Neal said.</p><p>Those skills took Trevathan to the University of Kentucky. The Broncos drafted him in 2012. He played in the 2014 Super Bowl and lost to the Seattle Seahawks. The linbacker says this is their year.</p><p>"We got to win the Super Bowl. I'm just happy to be back. The city deserves it. The whole team deserves it," Trevathan said.</p><p>No matter what happens on Sunday, Trevathan's old coaches, teammates, and teachers say he is a winner to them.</p><p>"There is nothing more he could do for us to be proud. There's nothing," Mathews said.</p>

Published: Sat, 06 Feb 2016 05:24:51 GMT

2 arrested in attempted murder in Ocala

<p>The Ocala Police Department arrested two men Friday in connection with an attempted murder in the 1700 block of SW 7th Place on Jan. 31.</p><p>Police said it was reported that a man was standing partially through the sun roof of a white minivan and shooting a handgun toward a victim in a nearby home. Pieces of the bullets were found on the front porch of a neighboring house. A single bullet hole was found in the door of the house across the street from the victim's. The bullet went through the door and hit a television, police said.</p><p>It was later discovered that the white minivan was reported stolen from Steeplechase Apartments on Jan. 29, police said. It was found with a broken back window that had been covered with tape.</p><p>Ocala police arrested Shedrick R. Welch and Travis Davis at 33 Saphire Run in Silver Spring Shores. Welch is charged with attempted murder, and Davis is charged with principal in the first-degree to attempted murder and auto theft.</p>

Published: Sat, 06 Feb 2016 05:24:12 GMT

Men save elderly couple from wrecked boat

<p>Strong winds pushed a houseboat violently into the sea wall near the Eau Gallie Causeway in Melbourne early Friday morning. Waves crashed as a door was ripped off the deck. Frighteningly, an elderly couple was inside.</p><p>"Saw an old guy, an elderly man come out from the back of the boat and fall," Jason Wood said.</p><p>Jason Wood and Joe Couturier were driving by at 1 in the morning, and stopped to check out the boat. However, they ended risking their own lives to try to save the man and woman inside.</p><p>"It was tough to time it to actually jump on, and I basically poked my head in the doorway to see if we could coax them out, but they, they weren't moving," Couturier said.</p><p>Quickly, they called 911, took Joe's Jeep and tied a rope from it to the houseboat to help stabilize the boat. Officers arrived minutes later, broke a window, first pulling out the man. He fell and was rushed to the side. His wife was saved next, all while the boat was sinking.</p><p>"I'm just happy they got off in time," Wood said.</p><p>Joe and Jason look back on the wreck, grateful they were able to help, but too humble to take on the title of hero.</p><p>"No, I'm not a hero; no I don't think I'm a hero. We were just in the right place at the right time, helping out our fellow man," Wood said.</p><p>The man and woman, who are believed to be in their 70s and 80s are expected to be OK, but their home is a total loss.</p><p>Wind gusts were about 20 mph early Friday morning.</p>

Published: Sat, 06 Feb 2016 05:02:41 GMT

2 men sought after fleeing from I-95 crash, Flagler County deputies say

<p>Two men are being sought after fleeing from a crash that happened on the southbound lanes of I-95 at mile marker 291, the Flagler County Sheriff's Office said.</p><p>Deputies received a call at 6:08 p.m. Friday about a single-vehicle crash.</p><p>The Sheriff's Office said people who stopped to help the crash victims told deputies that the three people involved in the crash fled.</p><p>Deputies received a call afterwards from a homeowner who said a female was in need of assistance. Deputies said they found the female, who was one of the crash victims, and began searching for two men.</p><p>Assisting in the search in the "B" section in Palm Coast were three K-9 officers from the FCSO and two from Tomoka Correctional Institute, deputies said. Volusia County sheriff's deputies were lending air support, along with Flagler's Fire Flight, in the manhunt.</p><p>One man has been identified by deputies as James Kent Booth, 54. According to the Virginia Department of Corrections' website, Booth is wanted for leaving his assigned place of employment without permission.</p><p>Booth was spotted running west Friday night from Burroughs Drive and Burnell Lane, deputies said.</p><p>Booth is described as a white man who is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighing 150 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. He has a tattoo on his left arm. Deputies said he was wearing jeans and a hoodie.</p><p>The other man is only known as Mike, deputies said.</p><p>A CodeRed message was sent to residents in the "B" section of Palm Coast, according to the Sheriff's Office. Residents were advised to report all suspicious activity to 911 immediately.</p><p>The crash is being investigated by the Florida Highway Patrol.</p>

Published: Sat, 06 Feb 2016 04:56:26 GMT

Man dead, another man hurt after shooting outside Florida Mall, deputies say

<p>A man is dead and another man is in critical condition after a shooting that happened Friday night outside the Florida Mall, deputies said.</p><p>% INLINE %</p><p>The mall is at 8001 South Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando. Investigators received the first 911 call around 7:20 p.m. Friday.</p><p>Orange County deputies said one of the shooting victims, a 19-year-old man, ran for help to the front entrance to the J.C. Penney and was found by a shopper before he collapsed.</p><p>That west-side entrance to the department store was quickly closed after the shooting, covered with a security gate.</p><p>When deputies rushed to the scene, they found another man beside a car in the parking lot about 100 yards away. Deputies said he was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at Orlando Regional Medical Center.</p><p>"We're trying to figure out if this was self-contained or if there's somebody that we should be looking for," Jane Watrel, a representative for the Orange County Sheriff's Office, said.</p><p>The 19-year-old victim listed in critical condition was undergoing surgery Friday night, deputies said.</p><p>Deputies believe the shooting happened near the car but are not yet entirely sure. Investigators said nobody heard any gunshots or saw any problems before finding the deadly scene.</p><p>"No one seemed to see anything, so we're asking anyone that may have been in this area that saw some sort of altercation and didn't think twice about it, that this is critical to us to, please call Crimeline or call the Sheriff's Office," Watrel said.</p><p>Shoppers were never told anything was wrong until they walked outside and were directed to other exits.</p><p>% INLINE %</p><p>"I did not hear anything. I just got out of J.C. Penney, and I just asked the folks what happened, and apparently, there was a shooting," said one shopper, who said his name was Leonel. "I always thought this was a secure place."</p><p>Investigators are not saying if any weapons were found at the scene.</p><p>Homicide detectives are looking at security video from the mall to try to learn what happened.</p><p>Anyone who may have witnessed this incident is asked to call Crimeline at 800-423-8477 or the Orange County Sheriff's Office at 407-836-4357.</p><p>Stay with News 6 and for updates on this story.</p>

Published: Sat, 06 Feb 2016 04:49:52 GMT

Ford Focus owners complain of faulty latches

<p>The federal government has launched an investigation after getting dozens of complaints from Ford Focus owners that their car doors won't stay closed.</p><p><strong>[WEB EXTRA: <a href="">File complaint with NHTSA</a>]</strong></p><p>"Our purses have detachable purse straps, and we ended up wrapping that around the door handle on the inside of the car with me on the passenger seat holding it closed while my mom drove," Shannon Heil told News 6 Investigator Louis Bolden, describing the day the door to her 2012 Ford Focus stopped working.</p><p>"It just wouldn't stay closed," she said.</p><p>The problem is a faulty door latch and it's a problem Ford is quite familiar with.</p><p>Ford has already recalled over 545,906 vehicles in North America because of the issue. The company admits doors could "unlatch while driving" however the Focus is not part of the recall.</p><p>When Laura Heil took her daughters car to the dealership Ford would not fix the doors for with no charge</p><p>"He [service technician] goes in to put in the VIN numbers and finds out, it's not one of the ones that's under recall," Laura said.</p><p>It cost the family almost $500 to fix it.</p><p>"My daughter can't afford to do it. How many other people out there can not afford to do it and are having to drive around with bungee cords?," Laura said.</p><p>It turns out there are many.<br /> <br /> The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has now opened an investigation. The agency got 73 reports from other Focus owners around the country with some saying they also had to physically tie down doors to keep them shut.</p><p>Ford would not fix the vehicles without a charge.</p><p>"I would think that if you go in there with the same issue that they're having with other vehicles, that they would at least take care of it," Heil said.</p><p>Consumer advocate Josh Elledge agrees.</p><p>"It is the same issue. And the fact that it's not included in this recall is absurd," he said. "It needs to be included."</p><p>News 6 contacted Ford and a spokesperson sent us a statement.</p><p>"We take the safety of our customers seriously, and when data indicates a safety recall is needed, we move quickly on behalf of our customers," the statement reads.</p><p>Elledge says when it comes to the door issue with the Focus, the company is not moving fast enough.</p><p>Elledge suggests Focus owners "get vocal" by filing a complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. He also suggests owners share their experience on social media to get the company's attention.</p><p>"Show pictures and video's of what's going on," he said. "There is only so long that Ford can ignore this."</p><p>If NHTSA finds the door latches do not comply with a Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard, it can require manufacturer's to recall vehicles.<br /> </p>

Published: Sat, 06 Feb 2016 04:35:25 GMT

Person shot, killed in Clermont Publix parking lot, police say

<p>A person is dead after being shot in the parking lot of a Clermont Publix, police said.</p><p>The shooting happened around 8:30 p.m. Friday in the East Towne Center Plaza parking lot at the intersection of East State Road 50 and County Road 455.</p><p>Police said the victim is in his late teens or early 20s.</p><p>A witness reported to police seeing a white car flee the area. Police said it is unknown what involvement people in that vehicle had, if any.</p><p>Anyone with information is asked to call Crimeline at 800-423-TIPS or call Detective Sanchez at 352-343-2101.</p><p>Stay with News 6 and for updates on this story.</p>

Published: Sat, 06 Feb 2016 04:21:40 GMT

First Zika case confirmed in Central Florida

<p>A case of Zika has been confirmed in Central Florida, according to health officials.</p><p>The Florida Department of Health said on Friday that a travel-related case was confirmed in Osceola County, and the number of cases in the state is now up to 14. Another new case was also discovered in St. Johns County, officials said.</p><p><b>[MORE: </b><a href=""> <b>Zika</b> <b> travel notices</b> </a><b> | </b><a href=""> <b>Virus symptoms, treatment</b> </a><b> | </b><a href=""> <b>Drain and cover video</b> </a><b> ]</b></p><p>There have been no locally acquired cases of Zika virus in Florida, according to officials, who added that none of the confirmed cases involve pregnant women. </p><p>According to the CDC, Zika fever illness is generally mild with a rash, fever and joint pain. CDC researchers are examining a possible link between the virus and unborn babies exposed during pregnancy.</p><p>State health officials said starting Monday it will hold daily briefings about Zika.</p><p><strong>[RELATED: <a href="">Mosquito bite protection in Florida</a>]</strong></p><p>On Thursday, Gov. Rick Scott asked the CDC to provide at least 1,000 Zika antibody tests so the state can test individuals, especially pregnant women and new mothers who have traveled to affected areas and had symptoms of Zika. The antibody test allows the state to see if individuals ever had the Zika virus. Florida currently has the capacity to test only 475 people.</p> <a href="//" style="font:14px/16px arial;color:#3d3d3d;" target="_blank">Zika Virus Around the World | HealthGrove</a> <p><br /> Watch News 6 and stay with for more on this story.</p><p> </p><p> </p>

Published: Sat, 06 Feb 2016 03:47:10 GMT

Paul, Jordan power Clippers past Magic 107-93

<p>Chris Paul had 21 points and six assists, DeAndre Jordan had 12 points and 18 rebounds and the Los Angeles Clippers beat the Orlando Magic 107-93 on Friday night for their fifth win in six games.</p><p>J.J. Redick and Jamal Crawford each scored 20 points for the Clippers.</p><p>Victor Oladipo led the Magic with 18 points, and Evan Fournier scored 16 off the bench.</p><p>Tobias Harris had 13 points and eight rebounds before leaving with an injury during the fourth quarter.'</p><p>Orlando has lost three straight.</p><p>The Magic never led and gave up at least 107 points for the eighth straight game.</p>

Published: Sat, 06 Feb 2016 02:53:23 GMT

Lawsuit: Stripper, club say ordinance violates rights

<p>A lawsuit filed this week contends the constitutional rights of workers at a Daytona Beach strip club are being violated by an ordinance on human trafficking awareness.</p><p>"We're just trying to do our bit to help keep people safe," said Chief Stephan Dembinsky, public safety director.</p><p>The city of Daytona Beach Shores said its new ordinance created last December is to combat human trafficking.</p><p>"We don't know if there's a human trafficking in Daytona Beach Shores but we felt that a city ordinance that we passed would help us discover if in fact we had a problem," Dembinsky said.</p><p>The ordinance is for businesses that have alcohol and adult entertainment. The establishment would have to post public awareness signs pertaining to human trafficking and workers must obtain a permit and submit their fingerprints.</p><p>"Then we know who's working there and if they have any problems or if they're being trafficked, we hope they would talk to us about it," Dembinsky said.</p><p>However, Biggins Gentleman's Club is the only business in town that fits the criteria.</p><p>"The city has chosen to impose these requirements on a single business and that looks a little bit like harassment," said Greg Edinger, the attorney representing the business.</p><p>Edinger said the club, along with one of its dancers, is suing the city to drop the ordinance. Edinger said it violates civil rights, it's burdensome and it doesn't help combat human trafficking.</p><p>"Human trafficking is a real big problem in our society, but human trafficking in adult clubs is exceptionally rare," he said.</p><p>Daytona Beach Shores said it can't comment on the lawsuit but said it's not targeting the business.</p><p><br /> "That's ludicrous," Dembinsky said. "We're not out to get anybody. What we're out to do is combat human trafficking. I would not want to violate anyone's constitutional rights."</p><p>Biggins, a nightclub, and Deborah Tricoli, an exotic-dance entertainer at the club, are seeking a declaratory judgment, damages and a permanent injunction, according to the suit.</p><p>The suit alleges that the ordinance "creates a prior restraint on free speech because it requires workers in adult entertainment establishments, including Biggins, to submit their fingerprints and obtain a license from the defendant before they can work or perform in such an establishment.</p>

Published: Sat, 06 Feb 2016 00:10:24 GMT

Atlas V rocket launches from Cape

<p>The last in a series of satellites updating the nation's Global Positioning System is on its way to orbit after blasting off Friday morning atop a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket.</p><p>The 19-story Atlas V thundered from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station into perfectly clear blue sky, lifting off at 8:38 a.m., with 860,000 pounds of thrust generated by its Russian-made RD-180 engine.</p><p>The early flight proceeded as planned through the first of two burns by the rocket's Centaur upper stage, but the mission won't be complete until the satellite called GPS IIF-12 is deployed nearly three-and-a-half hours after launch.</p><p>% INLINE %</p><p>News 6 partner Florida Today reported that the mission marks the "end of an era," according to the U.S. Air Force, which operates the 30-satellite GPS constellation used worldwide for precise navigation and timing information.</p><p>It's the last of a dozen GPS "IIF" satellites built by Boeing, the first of which launched in 2010. Each is worth roughly $250 million.</p><p>Eight GPS satellites have now launched in just two years, a modernization campaign described as the most aggressive in two decades.</p><p>But the first satellite in the next generation, called GPS III and built by Lockheed Martin, won't be ready to launch for more than a year.</p><p>Today's launch was the first of 2016 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, which could host as many as 30 this year by ULA and SpaceX rockets.</p><p>Gusty winds looked like they might pose a problem early in the countdown, but they calmed as the 19-minute launch window arrived.</p><p>The mission was delayed two days to allow time to inspect electrical connectors on the Atlas booster.</p><p>ULA plans to launch again in just five days, with a Delta IV rocket carrying a National Reconnaissance Office mission from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.</p><p>SpaceX could launch a commercial communications satellite from Cape Canaveral later this month.</p>

Published: Sat, 06 Feb 2016 00:01:33 GMT

2 shot outside Orlando restaurant

<p>Two people were shot early Friday outside an Orange County restaurant, according to deputies.</p><p>The shooting happened around 1:50 a.m. outside El Fogon Del Valle at 5731 S. Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando.</p><p>According to the Orange County Sheriff's Office, three men were arguing inside the restaurant earlier, and when a 27-year-old man left, he was ambushed in the parking lot by two men who opened fire.</p><p>The man was struck in the thigh and was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries, deputies said.</p><p>A 21-year-old was shot in the buttocks and was later dropped off at ORMC, deputies said. It's believed that he was an innocent bystander, according to deputies.</p><p>Witnesses, many of whom were stuck in the restaurant for hours as authorities conducted an investigation, told News 6 that they heard up to 20 gunshots.</p><p>The culprits left in a vehicle and have not been located.</p><p>A detailed description of the men and their car has not been released.</p><p> </p>

Published: Sat, 06 Feb 2016 00:00:39 GMT

Ruben Ebron pleads guilty in Lonzie's death

<p>Ruben Ebron pleaded guilty to aggravated manslaughter in the death of Lonzie Barton on Friday morning. He will serve up to 20 years in prison for aggravated manslaughter, plus charges of child neglect, lying to police and tampering with evidence.</p><p>Prosecutors said the remains found weeks ago in woods off Interstate 295 near Bayard were tentatively identified as Lonzie, who was in Ebron's care when he disappeared on July 24.</p><p>Assistant State Attorney Rich Mantei said Lonzie drowned in a bathtub after Ebron and the boy's mother, Lonna Barton, locked the boy in a room. They found him face down in the water. Police believe Ebron staged the boy's disappearance, which led to a massive, week-long search by hundreds of law enforcement officers and months of continuing investigation.</p><p>In court Friday morning, the public defender read a letter from Ebron in which he said: "I'd like to apologize" to his family, Lonzie and Lonna Barton, who was Ebron's girlfriend when the boy disappeared, "None of you deserved the public scrutiny that this brought."</p> <p>... it happened and both Lonna and I were both involved. This was a tragic accident made far worse by our horrible decision making. All we can do now is pay for the mistakes we have made and hopefully learn from them." [<a href="">Read entire letter by William Ruben Ebron Jr.</a>]</p> <p>Lonna Barton pleaded guilty in January to charges of child neglect and lying to police. She has not yet been sentenced.</p><p>Ebron's father, William Ebron, said he told his son six months ago that if something happened and they panicked, "Come clean now and we can do something about it."</p><p>"They've got an ultimate judge they've got to answer to. They've got to come to terms with their maker," William Ebron Sr. said. "This child deserved better."</p><p>Judge Mark Borello sentenced Ebron to 20 years on the aggravated manslaughter charge, five years on the child neglect count, five years on the tampering with evidence charge and one year on the lying to police count. All sentences would be served concurrently, so the 32-year-old Ebron's total time in prison would be 20 years.</p><p> "In my 34 years as a prosecutor, child deaths have been the most difficult cases we can handle," State Attorney Angela Corey said after the hearing.</p><p>Already receiving criticism that Ebron should have got to trial and received a longer sentence, Corey said that after five months of searching without success for Lonzie's body, "The negotiated disposition that we entered into today is the only way we could bring Lonzie home."</p><p>% INLINE %</p><p>Corey said while the autopsy could not determine a cause of death, there was evidence of injuries inflicted during child's life, including healed injuries, likely meaning the child had been abused during his short life.</p><p>"The community fell in love with this little boy," said Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Chief Tom Hackney, who provided daily updated on the search after Lonzie's disappearance. "I wanted to find him and I wanted to get whatever justice we could. ... The joint decision that we reached to accept this plea (based on) the facts that we can prove ... vs. the emotions that we may carry ... don't always match."</p><p>Hackney said Ruben Ebron and Lonna Barton were having sex after locking Lonzie in that bathroom.</p><p>"This little boy lived a tragic, tragic life (and) died a tragic, tragic death," Hackney said. </p><p>The forensic findings of Lonzie's death and Ebron's statement could present new legal challenges for Lonna Barton, who has said from the beginning that her son was alive when she went to work as an adult dancer the night of July 23.</p>

Published: Sat, 06 Feb 2016 00:00:07 GMT

FBI: UCF not alone in getting hacked

<p>One day after the University of Central Florida announced its computer systems had been hacked, the Federal Bureau of Investigation told News 6 that its agents are looking into similar incidents at other colleges and universities.</p><p>UCF President John Hitt announced Thursday 63,000 names and social security numbers belonging to both current and former students and staff members were compromised.</p><p>The school waited one month to alert anyone.</p><p>On Friday, a representative with the FBI's Jacksonville office told News 6 UCF may not have been alone.</p><p>"The FBI is investigating the possibility of similar computer intrusions at other private and public universities across the country," said representative Amanda Videll. "The investigation is active and ongoing. Therefore, additional details cannot be confirmed at this time."</p><p>The news comes as UCF students and staff members grapple with long wait times on a hotline set up by the school to see if they were victims.</p><p>Some students tell News 6 they've waited for an hour or longer and received rude operators on the other end.</p><p>"The number one thing we're hearing is the wait times have been too long," said UCF spokesman Chad Binette. "That's our priority. We've been working to get those wait times reduced. We want people to get through to the call center quickly."</p><p>UCF also set up <a href="">this website</a> so that possible victims can find out more information.​</p>

Published: Fri, 05 Feb 2016 23:59:23 GMT

Car-seat safety in cold weather

In cold weather, we bundle up our children to prepare them for the elements. But a bulky coat and a car seat can be a dangerous combination. The harness might not be tight enough to secure your child in a crash. Here's how to check whether your child's coat is too big and bulky to wear under the car-seat harness. First, put your baby in his coat and properly secure him in his car seat so there's no slack in the harness straps. Then remove the coat and put him back in the seat to see whether the straps are loose. If they are loose, in an accident, your child could ride up, putting his head outside the protection of the seat, resulting in a possible head injury. So how can you keep your baby safe and warm in the car? Consumer Reports recommends first securing him into his seat and then putting a blanket on top of the harness. If you have a bigger child, you can use the same test to see how much room his puffy coat puts between him and his harness. Then teach your child the trick of wearing his coat over the harness for riding in the car. Just put his arms in the sleeves and use the coat as a blanket. In any kind of weather, Consumer Reports says always make sure that your child is properly harnessed every time. You should not be able to pinch any fabric, and his or her chest clip should always be at armpit level. Along with those tips, Consumer Reports suggests you periodically go to a car-seat checkup event to make sure your seat is properly installed. Complete Ratings and recommendations on all kinds of products, including appliances, cars & trucks, and electronic gear, are available on Consumer Reports' website. Subscribe to

Published: Fri, 05 Feb 2016 23:22:32 GMT

Starving sea lion rescued from San Diego restaurant booth

<p>A starving sea lion was rescued from a San Diego restaurant Thursday after being found in a booth.</p><p>Bernard Guillas, executive chef at The Marine Room restaurant, posted photos of the sea lion on Facebook, after finding her hanging out at a window-side table.</p><p>"We found this little guy in The Marine Room restaurant this morning," <a href="">Guillas joked</a>. "He was a little bit early for his high tide breakfast reservation."</p><p> </p> (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "//"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Posted by <a href="">Bernard Guillas</a> on <a href="">Thursday, February 4, 2016</a> <p>SeaWorld's Rescue Team removed the 8-month-old pup from the restaurant, saying the sea lion was malnourished, but expects a full recovery.</p><p>El Nino has left many California sea lions stranded, making it difficult to find food.</p><p> </p>

Published: Fri, 05 Feb 2016 22:18:48 GMT

Man shoots, kills puppy for defecating in yard

<p>Joe Elliot Ramirez, 37, is accused of shooting and killing a neighbor's puppy after it wandered into the yard outside his South Side home.</p><p>San Antonio police officers originally responded to the 200 block of W. Mally on Wednesday to investigate a different shooting. That call involved shots that had been fired at Ramirez, allegedly by his neighbor, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.</p><p>However, when they arrived, police also found out that the dog had been shot.</p><p>The affidavit stated that Ramirez told officers he was tired of dogs eating food left out for his cats and going to the bathroom in his yard.</p><p>He said he tried, at first, to shoo away the puppy. When it wouldn't leave, though, he said he grabbed a shotgun and fired it at the puppy, thinking it contained blanks, the affidavit stated. Instead, he shot and killed the dog, the affidavit stated.</p><p>The neighbor who owns the dog, however, told a different story. The affidavit stated that the woman told police she heard an initial shot, followed by the sound of a dog yelping.</p><p>The neighbor said when she came out of her house, she saw Ramirez standing over her puppy and shooting it at close range, the affidavit stated.</p><p>Ramirez was arrested Thursday on a charge of cruelty to non-livestock.</p><p>The affidavit stated that the neighbor also is facing a charge of aggravated assault for allegedly shooting at Ramirez.</p>

Published: Fri, 05 Feb 2016 21:30:35 GMT

News 6: Watch live now

<p>Watch News 6 on your desktop, tablet or phone.</p><p>Join Matt Austin, Lisa Bell, Julie Broughton, Ginger Gadsden, meteorologist Tom Sorrells and sports anchor David Pingalore for news, weather, traffic, sports and more.</p><p>Be sure to visit or download the free News 6 App (search "WKMG" in your App Store) to watch News 6 livestreams weekdays from 5 to 7 a.m., noon and 11 p.m. </p><p>News 6 is getting results in Central Florida.</p>

Published: Fri, 05 Feb 2016 20:51:38 GMT

Social Security numbers stolen from 63,000 UCF students, staff

<p>A data breach at the University of Central Florida resulted in unauthorized access to the Social Security numbers of 63,000 current and former students, university officials said on Thursday.</p><p>UCF said it discovered the breach in January and reported the incident to law enforcement. </p><p>% INLINE %</p><p><strong>[READ:<a href=""> Letter sent to students </a>| MORE: <a href="">News 6 covers Schemes and Ripoffs</a> | <a href="">UCF data breach updates</a> ]</strong></p><p><a href="">According to a release</a>, the investigation found that Social Security numbers for approximately 63,000 students, staff and faculty members were accessed.</p><p>Credit card information was not included in the breach.</p><p>UCF confirmed to News 6 the following groups have been affected:</p> Current student athletes Student athletes who played last year UCF Athletics support staff Undergraduate student employees Graduate Assistants Housing Resident Assistants Adjunct faculty Student government leaders, current and former <p>"Those who are affected will soon receive a letter by mail that explains how to sign up for one year of free credit monitoring and identity-protection services," University President John C. Hitt wrote in a post on UCF's website.</p><p>An internal investigation is also being launched. </p><p>% INLINE %</p><p>"Safeguarding your personal information is of the utmost importance at UCF. To ensure our vigilance, I have called for a thorough review of our online systems, policies and training to determine what improvements we can make in light of this recent incident," Hitt wrote. </p><p>Letters will go out to those affected on Friday and should be received by Monday. </p><p>If you have questions about the incident, UCF set up a call center that can be reached at 877-752-5527 between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. EST Monday through Friday. <a href="">A website</a> will also be updated with details about the incident and recommendations.</p>

Published: Fri, 05 Feb 2016 20:48:03 GMT